One of the greatest things we can do for ourselves, in this life, is continuing to educate ourselves. School of Synergy is an organization that produces training materials for individuals and organizations that works, exceeds your experience, and provides for ultimate success!


Every program includes solid reinforcement tools to ensure that your training and education will produce the results that make you soar with the eagles! Our driving passion is helping organizations and individuals realize their full potential for extraordinary performance in the modern work and educational environment, by perfecting the unity of teamwork and producing the materials that address the issues in “real life.”


We publish workplace and educational learning resources that fit your budget, your schedule, and your need for flexibility. We are committed to providing training resources that produce practical, proven increases in productivity and morale. That’s why every product is researched, validated, and field-tested before publication.


In this current environment of fast-paced life, creativity is what spells success! Successful planners understand that creativity originates from focus and a tenacious attitude. We are a company dedicated to creativity and willing to make the changes in education to keep pace with the lifestyle of the client, yet never compromising our standards.


The School of Synergy programs is ideal for anyone. We have set up a varied amount of programs and learning opportunities that are available for the individual or the organization. These programs will help you to stay focus on a progressive career and professional development track. As the CEO, for School of Synergy, my team and I have committed ourselves and the material my company produces to exemplify excellence in every way. We will follow principles that enhance the learning experience and make it one that produces a synergistic learning experience.


Keep Totting,




Roy Pinder, DM. MBA, B.B.A, CSII

Chief Executive Officer

School of Synergy