Life coaching

People struggle with the process that leads to success. There are times when

change is necessary, but we need to be well informed about the initiative. 


  • Define

  • Education

  • Time Utilization

  • Organization

  • Understanding

  • Risk-Taking

Taking a detour allows us to view things in a different way; we become more alert about our surroundings. We are more cautious about our surroundings and choices as we take a detour. Each of our detours will be different because we have to change for different reasons.


One must establish and identify the most effective and efficient road map to synergistic results.

In actuality, it is really not that difficult to achieve. Yet, over 20% of the population lives at the poverty level or below. Most people think that success is only meant for the rich, attractive, and special families. But, the truth is that anyone can be successful through our roadmap of synergy.  Therefore, what is the difference between being successful and being a failure? Let’s take a DETOUR and see!

Before we begin your DETOUR, learn your synergy score through our field-tested assessment, which will provide us with a great place to start and help you stat on your way to being successful. 

Support Group
  • Think outside of your normal and be more self aware.
    1 hr
    100 US dollars
  • Your Net worth is as strong as you invest into it
    1 hr
    150 US dollars
  • The evolution of a successful team through Synergy
    995 US dollars
  • Preparing for success and happiness
    1 hr
    99 US dollars
  • Defining ways to help your business grow through synergy
    1 hr
    200 US dollars
  • Preparing you for leadership
    2,750 US dollars