Coaching programs

Everyone presents the need to have their own personal coaching plan specific to you and your unique situation.

You will take our assessment and discover thing that will be insightful to you based on the results. From the results, we will create an action plan that will take you through our synergy process to help you self-actualize.

Together we will review various aspects of your professional and personal life that is not providing the results you seek for happiness and success. We will be creative as we work through the challenges and identify the right solutions for you that provides clarity, self-awareness, and the focus you need for the right appropriate results.

Coaching sessions are normally 60 mins and takes place virtually.

Contact me today and lets synergize together and get you on the way to being successful and happier

Introductory conversation            Free

Self Awareness session:             $150.00

Career counseling  session         $200.00   

DETOUR Package X 5                $1,000.00

Executive caching session           $250.00

Business coaching bundle           $2,000.00